Aberdeen City Council is committed to supporting the work of their resident artists and encouraging innovative professional practice in contemporary arts and crafts. In a partnership with Creative Scotland, the Council has established two award schemes as a means of assisting individual artists and makers. Funds can help towards activities that are integral to the practitioner’s personal and professional development, such as the immediate costs of researching, creating and presenting new work or advancing skills, technical ability and ideas. The Visual Artists Awards Scheme is aimed at practitioners in the fields of drawing, painting, sculpture, print making, photography, moving image and filmmaking. The Craft Makers Scheme is principally concerned with contemporary creative work conceived, designed and made by individual practitioners in ceramics, furniture and wood, glass, jewellery, metalwork and textiles.   Funds Available Awards of up £1,500 are available. Whilst applications can be for the full amount of funds required, this will not automatically be awarded. The Awards panel may offer an amount other than that requested, dependant on how well the application meets key criteria, value for money and in context of demand for funds from other applicants. A total of £6,000 of funding is available through the scheme.

Source: Visual Artists and Craft Makers Awards 2015/16


There are so many opportunities and challenges presented by our digital world, for both culture and business, that we all need to learn from one another.

That is why we have compiled a selection of the leading, and most interesting, innvovations happening today in the digital-cultural world. Ranging from new art forms by the iphone, through to new technological partnerships; from explorations of what digital means for venue-based organisations through to new entreprenurial business models.

Be inspired about what your organistion or business can achieve by working with culture and digital technology.

for more : http://www.artsandbusiness.org.uk/Central/Research/Digital-creative-futures/Case_studies.aspx