Creative Cultures Scotland always wants to hear from our amazing creative practitioners… it is our mission to communicate their needs to funding bodies, councils and the public – and also to provide information and feedback from those groups to the practitioners!

Creative Cultures Scotland are interested in finding out your thoughts about services that would make your life easier (or more productive?) as a creative practitioner in the North East of Scotland…

Due to the highly talked about “future use of the Union Terrace Gardens” – we’ve decided to create a simple Poll for people to say what they’d like to see… 4 simple options – let us know what you think!

We are also interested in your opinions as to what makes a vibrant creative / cultural scene, and what would help to make that easier / better…


7 Responses to “Polls”

  1. I do not want to see the gardens desecrated. I want a building sympathetic to the site which will draw visitors down into the only remaining green space in the city centre.
    It will be a huge loss to the future residents of Aberdeen if the City Square project is pushed through by a self-serving, exclusive business gang!

  2. Jim Ewen said

    Nice simple poll. A consultation could probably be this easy eh…

  3. Kelly M. Anderson said

    Its important to me that the overall presence of the Gardens is not affected by development, and that key features are retained – the vertical flower beds, the arches, the long terraces. Peacocks plan for an art centre currently reflects this – therefore I am with Peacock. However if Peacock decide on a compromise with ASCEF that will interfere with these features…I think a lot of people would be very disappointed.

  4. Darwin Moir said

    Considering that Peacock has full planning permission and 75% funding, those promoting the City Square Project have acted immorally, and not only that, were allowed to. In any normal city we wouldn’t have arrived in this situation.
    The gardens were created for the benefit of the ordinary people of the city who were not fortunate enough to have gardens of their own. If they are suffering from lack of use and lack of funding, you should not blame the gardens themselves.

    • Mrs A. G. Murton said

      The gardens are much used at lunch-time by city workers even on chilly days. They are sheltered – do we want another wind-swept “piazza” like the top deck of St Nicholas ? They do need better police presence – at quiet times young Mums or pensioners are terrorised by drunks, druggies, and feral teenagers – like St Nicholas ! If Sir Ian wood wants to make his name, let him endow the Lynx Ice arena and the Bon-Accord Baths, both sorely missed.We don’t need a “water-feature” – like the abandoned ponds in Duthie Park or the Hay fountain in Seaton, which I have NEVER seen operating.

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