Want To Sell More Art? Sell Yourself First.

January 22, 2016

It’s a fantastic time to be an artist. Just a few years ago, aspiring creative entrepreneurs had to take their work on the road, building their careers one art festival or gallery show at a time. Now, however, it is possible to share your work with customers from around the world, all without leaving the comfort of your studio.  But with this abundance of opportunity comes an increase in competition. For many makers, this global audience brings up a tricky question: In a sea of creative businesses, how do you stand out? By sharing your story. In researching our new guide for arts entrepreneurs, Designed to Sell: The Unconventional Guide to Creative Freedom, we spoke with dozens of independent creators who all had one thing in common: a penchant for transparency and including the customer in their creative journey. Artisan goods are special because of the creative individuals who make them. Customers are more likely to purchase something from people they know and trust. When selling online, however, establishing that personal connection is more difficult. While you can’t personally speak to every customer one-on-one, sharing your story helps the world learn who you are, what you make, and why it’s special. In addition to helping the customer understand you on a creative level, a compelling maker’s story also increases the perceived value of your work and boosts customer confidence. Unfortunately, many artists stop short of sharing the details that make their stories truly memorable. But, when you look at examples of successful creative entrepreneurs, the formula for sharing a captivating story is simple. What’s better is that you already have all the components you need. You simply have to show them off.

Source: Want To Sell More Art? Sell Yourself First. – 99u

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