sonADA | slowCooker Series

October 8, 2015

slowCooker series by sonADA — artists invited (Kim Cascone, Suk-Jun Kim, Joo Won Park, Daisuke Ishida, Genetic Moo, Marie-Gabrielle Rotie, and Imogene Newland)

slowCooker series are monthly workshops organised by sonADA. Considering a creative process not as a quick path to an outcome but as an enduring period where sometimes improbable ideas are imagined and nurtured, each slowCooker series aims to identify seeds of possibility and create an environment where participants take time to grow and mutate these seeds.

Offering six workshops from October 2015 to April 2016 (except in December), sonADA invite eight artists whose expertise is in sonic arts, creative coding, experimental video and film, and performance. Followed by one full-day training session, the artist(s) and participants will produce a performance, exhibition, or happening as an outcome of the workshop in the next day, which is free and open to public.

The theme of this year’s slowCooker series is slowness and boredom. These two ideas create an interesting contrast to quickness and immediacy which technology and urban life seem to engender, and excitement and fascination which are deemed to be key elements of the process and outcome of many arts practices and performance. The invited artist will design the workshop to help the participants question and challenge a range of relationships between arts, music, technology, creative process, city life, urban environment, internal and rhythms of individuals and the collective mind. Rather than being a separate and disjointed event, each workshop is designed to create a momentum of creative activities among the participants and all six slowCooker series will culminate in sonADA 2016, sonADA’s annual sonic arts festival in Aberdeen.

Source: sonADA | slowCooker Series


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