Meet Your Maker: Look Inside At Aberdeen’S Look Again Festival

April 9, 2015

Meet Your Maker: Look Inside at Aberdeen’s Look Again Festival


Artist group Look Inside will be hosting a Meet Your Maker event during Aberdeen’s inaugural Look Again Festival. Four makers from a variety of disciplines will give a rare, behind-the-scenes look at their craft work, teaching visitors about their inspiration, practices and profession.

The festival:

Look Again is a new visual art and design festival for the North East of Scotland, delivered by a partnership between local art agency SMART and Robert Gordon University. Building on the highly successful RGU LOOK festival, Look Again is a five-day celebration of visual art and design, of culture and creativity and a programme of creative events to engage the wider community of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

The event:

During Aberdeen’s inaugural Look Again festival, running from Wednesday 08 to Sunday 12 April 2015, artist group Look Inside will host a Meet Your Maker event to coincide with their pop-up design shop. The group is made up of illustrator, jeweller and textile artist Gabrielle Reith; ceramicist Mags Gray; and jewellers Aubin Stewart and Anne Marquiss.

The pop-up shop will be housed in the former Robert Gordon University Student Union, on Schoolhill in Aberdeen. The collective will customise this space into a shop to display the makers’ products and some additional works by invited North East designers.

There will be workstations where visitors can see behind the scenes of the makers’ work; they will be showing and demonstrating their design and making processes over four days during the festival, engaging in meaningful discussions about their work.

via Meet Your Maker: Look Inside At Aberdeen’S Look Again Festival.


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