RGU Campus Exhibition: Beyond The Surface – Ronald Plowman

April 1, 2015

RGU Campus Exhibition

Each year Look Again will provide a platform for an artist or designer who lives and works in Aberdeen and who has demonstrated a commitment to their creative practice.

In future years, selection will be through application and selected by the Festival Committee, but in this inaugural year, Ronald Plowman, a painting graduate from Gray’s School of Art has been invited to exhibit.

This solo exhibition, curated by SMART, enables Plowman to present a body of work with the aim of acting as a springboard for future activity.

Ronald Plowman, born in Aberdeen studied Fine Art at Gray’s School of Art, graduating with Honours in 1996. He has exhibited work in galleries in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow and sold numerous paintings to public and corporate collections in the United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark and the USA.

His work reflects his interest in landscapes, also based from ideas of various literary forms, memory and travel. 19th century painters largely inspire the landscape imagery in his work but he aims to make paintings that are more contemporary.

** Exhibition Hours **

10am – 5pm from 8th -12th of April

// Free Admission //

via RGU Campus Exhibition: Beyond The Surface – Ronald Plowman.


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