March 30, 2015

Modern Naturalis

by Morgan Cahn


The SMART Gallery invites you and your guest to the private view of MODERN NATURALIS by Morgan Cahn:

Thursday 2 April 6 – 8pm

Exhibition runs from:

4 April – 26 April 2015

Modern Naturalis is about looking at the world with wonder. Inspired by the Do-It-Yourself attitude that was rampant among early female naturalists Morgan Cahn has hacked a webcam into a microscope to explore her surroundings.  Her D.I.Y forays into the microcosmic manifest as a series of collages, which aim to encourage engagement with the natural world from a different perspective and the importance of observing, of looking closely and slowly, is highlighted in a new four-channel video piece.  By embracing her amateurism Cahn hopes to inspire others to feel confident enough to do the same. She has produced a free zine that gives advice on making your own microscopes and invites us all to consider our impact on the environment. Cahn believes that our considerations of ecology involve technology, community and above all a willingness to explore, try, fail, learn, and inspire.

Follow Morgan on twitter @PistachioRoux


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