Tut Vu Vu – VaVa Records

March 11, 2015

Tut Vu Vu are an instrument based four piece comprising at one time of Matthew Black, Jamie Bolland, Raydale Dower and Iban Perez. They have variously and incorrectly been referred to as ‘musique concrète’, ‘the best band in Glasgow’, ‘the love child of David Lynch and Anaïs Nin’ or ‘vaguely jazz based rhythm with a wayward electronic disposition’, regardless of these descriptions they are proud to release their self titled debut album ‘Tut Vu Vu’ on VAVA Records, March 2015.

In their own words:

“Our understanding of what it is to be human. With hydrogen sulphide at more than 700 parts per million and the re-entry devices at a pulsed–plasma critical stage, the need to constantly monitor such forces and handle their data flows is imperative if we are to go even deeper into space.”

Or as Gareth Vile put it in 2012:

“…sound is atomised, every note of disintegration lovingly attended, re-assembled and broadcast to the universe, every track herein a message to civilisations yet undiscovered.”


See also:


“The Helvetian robots of today ensure accuracy, magnetism, and prevention of shock from heat and cold. They monitor the deep reactive-ions embedded in silicon wafers etched into tiny skeletal structures to become the featherweight heart, with no lubrication required, and induce the synthetic diamond phase-detection through the convergence of two light beams. The “flange-back” distance and chunky pentaprisms are unorthodox in the extreme. Or as one electric viewfinder declared with images falling gracefully down the screen: this needs no costly additional components or other forms of action – so why are these giants dragging their feet?”

via Tut Vu Vu – VaVa Records.

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