ELCAF 2015 — 20 + 21 June 2015

March 2, 2015

Applications now open!

Please send a .PDF file of maximum 3 – A4 pages (under 5MB) including images that best represent your work to elcaf_submissions@nobrow.net name your email ELCAF_2015 and your file ELCAF2014_yourname.pdf.

The first page should include Contact Info (Name/E-mail/ Phone) and Work Info (Publisher or Small Press/Business Name/Website/Social Media Handles). Please also describe your work and what you are likely to sell (250 words) and how many tables you need (0.5/1/2/3) and whether you would like to stay one or two days . Tables are standard trestle size (180cm x 75cm/ 6ft x 2ft). Table prices are £130 per table per day for Professional Businesses and £65 per table per day for Small Press.

Application Deadline is 9 March 2015 and we will let you know by the 27 March 2015 whether you were successful or not. You then have until the 13 April 2015 to confirm your attendance.


via ELCAF 2015 — 20 + 21 June 2015.


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