Arts Across Learning Festival 2015

February 21, 2015

Arts Across Learning Festival 2015

The annual Arts Across Learning Festival is a spotlight on arts, creativity and learning for children and teachers alike. The Creative Learning Team is very pleased to bring you another year of illuminating experiences which will enable all who participate to shine.

The festival offers activities FREE to nurseries, primary schools and ASN schools in Aberdeen City. 2015 has an impressive range of art forms and learning opportunities delivered by high quality artists, companies and educators and utilising the city’s rich cultural venues and collections. Festival events aim to stimulate learning across curriculum areas, offering learners new perspectives and different ways in to learning. In equal measure, events also offer opportunities to experience art forms and develop artistic skills, inspiring our artists of the future!

Adults benefit too; for learning providers, artists and students there are formal and informal CPD opportunities throughout the festival, delivered at this year’s festival hub The Lightbox. Families also get the chance to participate at four family focused events for shared creative experiences.

So what are you waiting for? Download our programme and get involved: Arts Across Learning Festival 2015 Brochure


Have a look at what’s on at the LightBox in the coming weeks.

LightBox CPD Evening Sessions

LightBox Weekend Sessions

via Arts Across Learning Festival 2015.


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