February 12, 2015


A stunning depiction of the Northern Lights is set to greet visitors to Aberdeen train station thanks to the latest street art project by business organisation Aberdeen Inspired.

As part of the organisation’s ‘Team Aberdeen’ civic pride campaign, the busy Platform Nine thoroughfare between the station and the Trinity Centre had been freshened up towards the end of last year in an effort to create a welcoming environment to those passing through.

And now, the white walls of the walkway have been transformed after the business organisation enlisted the help of Aberdeen-based artist Karl Porter to design and produce a mural for the area.

Inspired by his childhood and his time studying in Finland, Karl’s design was based on his experiences in Scotland chasing the Aurora Borealis, with the final piece of art incorporating both the meteorogical phenomena as well as a number of famous landscapes from Aberdeen.

It is hoped that the project will increase footfall via Platform Nine, reducing the amount of people crossing via the busy junction on Guild Street, alongside providing a focal point and attraction to engage local commuters on a daily basis.

Aberdeen Inspired is also looking at the potential use of the platform nine space as an ongoing outdoor gallery, which would be changed on a quarterly or biannual basis, giving local artists increased opportunity to showcase their skills on a large scale.

Gary Craig, chief executive at Aberdeen Inspired, said: “Last year, as part of our Team Aberdeen civic pride campaign, we facilitated a deep clean of the platform with local partners, replacing its plasterboard and whitewashing its walls. Although this was just a start, it made a big difference to the area’s aesthetics.

“On the back of the success of similar art projects within McCombies Court and Adelphi Lane, we looked at the feasibility of installing a mural within the area and Karl approached us with his idea of combining his love for the Northern Lights with some of Aberdeen’s most famous buildings into a piece of art that would breathe new life into the thoroughfare.

“The finished piece really does catch the eye and I’d like to both thank and congratulate Karl for the fantastic job that he’s done. Not only does it look good, but it has an important role to play in helping attract commuters to use the walkway instead of the busy junction on Guild Street.”

“It’s Aberdeen Inspired’s aim to improve the city centre experience for those who use it on a regular basis and it’s projects like these that help us meet this goal. For the thousands of people that enter and leave the city centre via Platform 9, we hope that the mural will leave them with an unforgettable depiction of a rich part of Aberdeen’s history”

Artist Karl Porter added: “I have an affinity with Nordic culture which stemmed from my grandfather, growing up listening to stories of the Aurora Borealis, Scotland and of Scandinavia. I had heard that Aberdeen Inspired was planning to do something around platform nine and I thought it would be a great chance to do something around the Northern Lights, given its affinity to the city.

“The wall itself really was a blank canvas and I’m delighted with how the piece has turned out. Opportunities show as these are so important for young artists such as myself and it’s great to see my own work incorporated in a project of this scale.

“Graffiti and street art is a temporary art form and if the space is transformed into an ongoing outdoor gallery, it will no doubt be a fantastic addition to the art scene within the city.”



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