Geotypes # 1 Zine Launch @ Ruthriston Temporary Studio

February 10, 2015

Ruthrieston Community Centre
532-536 Holburn Street Aberdeen, AB10 7LL Aberdeen

Drawing inspiration from artists like Never2501 and Andreco, Geotypes # 1 attempts to find an aesthetic harmony between shape, form, materials and tone through the adding and subtracting of elements. The final digital images are a result of 3 or 4 variations whittled down to a final image which have been collated in Geotypes # 1, the first in a series of zines.

Geotypes # 1 collects the first 15 geotypes in an A5 zine with 3 variant covers and a limited edition of 31 gray card bound versions which will be available on a first come basis at the launch event. Developmental images will also be on display during the launch event to give viewers an insight into each geotypes development from gray block to final shape.

The Geotypes zine launch will take place at the Ruthrieston Temporary Studios space on 27th February along with a vinyl soundtrack and free refreshments.

via Geotypes # 1 Zine Launch @ Ruthriston Temporary Studio.


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