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January 14, 2015

Woodend Arts Limited (WAL) is seeking Directors to join its voluntary Board. WAL operates the Woodend Barn, Aberdeenshire’s largest multi-arts centre, with a small staff team and around 50 volunteers. WAL’s mission is to work collaboratively through the arts, connecting our communities through creativity and friendship.

We are a not-for-profit company and registered Scottish charity and we are seeking people with a variety of skills/experience and a passion for creativity and community engagement to help steer our future.

WAL annually hosts some 150 professional performances (comedy, dance, film, music, opera, live streaming, theatre), 10 exhibitions and over 120 arts workshops and the Barn is considered to have a combination of factors that make it unique as an arts centre in Scotland, perhaps event the UK and beyond. These factors include

voluntary engagement of the community in all facets of the Barn’s activities,

volunteers and paid staff equally valued as members of the Barn Team,

width, depth and quality if its arts activities, including its outreach work along the Dee valley,

a broad interpretation of the arts to include cooking, gardening and conversation,

awareness of the environment and our relationship to the area’s ecology,

Barn’s rural character and welcoming ambience

The Barn is a place for sustaining creativity and it survives because of the value the community places on it.

Please contact Tony Brown (tony.brown3@btinternet.com), Anne Douglas (01224 869890), or Mark Hope (pmarkhope@gmail.com) if you are interested.

via Woodend Barn Banchory » Opportunities.


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