Curated Place Aberdeen Light Festival 2015 – Volunteering Opportunities

January 14, 2015

In February 2015 Curated Place are producing Aberdeen’s second annual festival of light art – SPECTRA. We need your help to make it happen. Whether you want to lean something new, you’re interested in light, art, technology and music or just want to meet now people and make something happen, volunteering at the festival will be an amazing experience.

To apply please fill out the application form below (deadline 10th February 2015):


Drawing on the history that ties Aberdeen to its northern neighbours this year SPECTRA will invite Nordic and British light artists to celebrate the darkness though the elements of water, fire and ice in Union Terrace Gardens. Inspired by the magic of the Aurora and the Norse spirit that connects the cultures of the north, the 2015 light festival will showcase the best Scottish and Scandinavian creativity in spectacular fashion.

In the far north after the celebrations of Christmas have subsided and the excitement of New Year has passed the long nights of winter seem to stretch endlessly on. Survival through this time has always been tough both physically and mentally – the darkness and cold seeming to endlessly hold off the coming of spring. But amongst it, across all of the nations visited by the Northern Lights, people have devised ways to combat the tyranny of midwinter. Whether referred to as Yule, Solfestuka or Thorrablot coming together to celebrate in the blackest of nights is a firm tradition of Norse culture.

Curated by Norwegian Light Artist Ulf Pedersen with Curated Place the festival will create a magical journey through Union Terrace Gardens inspired by the mythology and culture that binds the nations under the Aurora.

Numerous opportunities to get involved are available all of which will give volunteers the chance to learn from one of the UK’s most ambitious arts organisations and give you the chance to be part of delivering incredible artworks outside of gallery walls.

via Curated Place Aberdeen Light Festival 2015 – Volunteering Opportunities.


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