Freelance Creative Practitioners X 2 posts

December 1, 2014

Creative Dynamic is a project being co-ordinated by Aberdeen City Council’s Creative Learning Team as part of the Creative Learning Network. Creative Dynamic will be a highly engaging event that will have viewers holding their breath as they observe a series of chain reactions taking place in real-time, in the form of a large scale sculptural installation. Created by secondary pupils from different schools, this team of young people will be set a one day challenge to create this sculptural masterpiece. During this make and create session, young people will be challenged to use all of their ingenuity, problem solving, creative thinking and group working to create a spectacle for the audience. The project will aim to build on skills such as confidence building, group working and idea development.

We are looking for 2 creative practitioners to:
• Assist 2 lead artists on the day with the delivery of a high quality participatory project to be showcased at Aberdeen’s Learning Festival in February 2015 
• Support pupils in their creation of the large scale sculptural installation
• Contribute to the evaluation of the project.

Interviews for shortlisted artists: Wednesday 17 December 2014

Freelance Creative Practitioners X 2 posts.


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