Creative Spaces Network Night

October 19, 2014

Creative Spaces

Talks and Network Night

Monday 3rd November

18:00 – 19:30

Seventeen, 17 Belmont Street Aberdeen

Are you an arts group looking to develop a production space?

A creative practitioner wanting to collaborate to set up a studio or work space?

Are you a property owner that has property with the potential to be converted into a creative space?

Aberdeen City Council’s Creative Spaces programme has been set up to support the creation of new affordable spaces for creative industries practitioners. The creation of new studio, rehearsal and production space is recognised as an opportunity to build on our graduate retention, creative industry employment, develop greater access to cultural activity and the city’s support of existing and future cultural production.

The event will see the launch of the Creative Space Development Funding scheme, up to £100,000 will be available to support the development of new affordable creative work spaces which can be used for small capital, design and refurbishment costs, new equipment, training and professional development costs. for more information.

On the night there will be a series of talks to providing more information on the programme as well as presentation on models of best practice and capital investment fundraising.

Creative Spaces Network Night Tickets – Eventbrite.


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