March 3, 2014

The Moray Game Jam is possibly the first large scale game jam to take place this far north in the UK. Aiming to give local programmers, digital artists and game designers an opportunity to showcase their talents Moray College UHI has partnered up with Hunted Cow Studios and Screen Hi to deliver a 48 hour event designed to showcase the creativity and originality abundant in the games design sector.

On offer is a stunning prize which will assist the winning team taking their game to market being mentored by Hunted Cow Studios based in Elgin. The judging panel will be composed of a number of key figures from the Scottish games industry and the event itself will be an excellent opportunity to network with like minded individuals and leading industry figures.

The Moray Game Jam represents a real opportunity for a team to make their mark in the games industry!

Get Involved
Do you have what it takes to create a computer game?
Can you contribute to a team to bring an idea to life?
Are you a talented programmer, digital artist or game designer?

This event is open to everybody but we do ask that you only apply to take part if you are confident in your abilities as a game designer, programmer or digital artist. The event is open to teams only (minimum 2 – maximum 5 people). If you are unsure of who to work with then sign up to our Facebook group to meet other people wanting to participate, get chatting and share your skillset.

  • Applicants must be 16 years of age or over
  • Only teams will be allowed to compete (minimum 2 – maximum 5)
  • All applicants must read and agree with the disclaimer document which can be read here
  • Application deadline is 5th March 2014


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