IndianRedLopez/WLDWLVS Album Playback Party | 57 NORTH

February 25, 2014

This Thursday (27 February) sees local band IndianRedLopez host an interesting-looking pre-release playback party for their forthcoming second album ‘Commit’ at Six° North, the Aberdeen/Belgian beer bar which is only 51 degrees away from this website.

Alongside silent disco-style headphones and some specially-brewed IRL beer, clothing/blogging/loads-of-other-stuff duo Stu Ford and Neil Henderson AKA WLDWLVS will be curating a playlist and selling some of their wearables at the event. We caught up with Neil to find out more:

For anyone who doesn’t know, what is WLDWLVS?

WLDWLVS is a couple of chaps from Aberdeen who wanted more creative freedom than our current jobs allow. We never set out with any specific plans, and that’s been great as we just do whatever we enjoy.

So far, we’ve run a blog promoting artists both local and international, have a clothing range and also get involved in live illustration events.

We really enjoy working with different artists and we’ve been involved in some really interesting projects

How did you get involved with the IRL event?

We’ve known the IRL boys for ages and even shot a video for them a couple of years ago. They asked if we wanted to get involved in the launch of their new album and of course we said yes. We pretty much say yes to everything, it’s nice to push ourselves to see what we can create.

Have you worked with any other bands/musicians?

We’ve both done a few music projects in the past like photos for clubnight Let It Bleed, The Lemon Tree and Steven Milne’s debut album. Stu has worked on some stuff for Needa Records as well, and there have been a few other crossovers with the DO IT! Crew and Fine Grains Records.

Lastly, any clues as to what’ll be on your playlist? Or is it a big secret?

Haha, it’s going to be a fun playlist that’s for sure, neither Stu or myself are remotely musical so we got a secret guest producer to mix the tracks together for us. You’ll have to come down on the night for a listen.

So, that’s beer, new music, clothes, headphones and an air of mystery, sounds good to me..

via IndianRedLopez/WLDWLVS Album Playback Party | 57 NORTH.


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