Practical Video Planning Workshop – Woodend Barn Tickets, Banchory – Eventbrite

September 23, 2013

AmbITion Scotland is teaming up with Woodend Barn, to provide digital training to the creative and cultural sector in the area.

In today’s world of internet and social media, it is important that any business or organisation can show their work online. Videos, podcasts and vlogs are the ways to immediately connect with your audience.AmbITion Scotland in partnership with Woodend Barn is providing a FREE full day’s training workshop for professional or voluntary practitioners in the arts, culture and heritage sectors to learn the basics of how to plan and produce your media content:

  • What are the merits and challenges of different kinds of media content?
  • How to plan your own media project
  • What resources are needed?
  • Hands-on practical filming exercises to help you make the best screen content for your organisation
  • How to make media content part of your digital strategy

The tutor, Tim Flood, will also be on-hand to give advice on how to use different cameras and computer equipment.  AmbITion Scotland workshops are held in small groups, offering hands-on tuition and one-to-one support from the most knowlegable practitioners in the business.


0930   Registration/coffee
1000   Welcome and introduction
1015 – 1100   What media solutions are there?

  • Online/streaming video content
  • Podcasts
  • Vblogs
  • Merits and challenges of each

1100   Coffee break
1115 – 1230   How to plan your media project

  • Practical workplan
  • Delegates workshop their ideas in groups

1230 – 1300   Lunch
1300 – 1530   Lights! Cameras! Action!

  • What resources do you need?
  • Wishlist of equipment, computer hardware and software
  • Some Dos and Don’ts of media production
  • Live practical filming exercises

1530   Coffee
1530 – 1600   Questions and Answers

via Practical Video Planning Workshop – Woodend Barn Tickets, Banchory – Eventbrite.


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