World leading landscape photographer Colin Prior turns his lens on Aberdeenshire

September 10, 2013

Internationally renowned landscape photographer Colin Prior will capture unique aspects of Aberdeenshire in a series of iconic images commissioned by Aberdeenshire Council’s Be Part of the Picture programme.

One of the UK’s most respected photographers, Colin is known the world over for his panoramic images which have captured the beauty of some of Scotland’s, and the world’s, wildest and most remote areas.

The acclaimed photographer is now turning his lens on Aberdeenshire, to create a suite of photographs showcasing the area as a place of natural beauty, unique heritage and home to high-quality industries, which will be used to boost Aberdeenshire’s profile around the world.

A master of meticulous planning and preparation, some of his most famous images have taken years to achieve. In preparation for the final shoot in Aberdeenshire, Colin has been working with residents, drawing on their local knowledge to help identify the best locations and vantage points, travelling on foot, by air and by sea to assist his research.

Above and beyond his commission, Colin has also taken on the role as an Ambassador for Aberdeenshire and has already proven his enthusiasm for promoting the area by arranging to be photographed holding a Be Part of the Picture bag while on location recently at Concordia, in the Karakoram Mountains of Pakistan, with K2 mountain in the background.

Colin said: “I am really pleased to be working with the Be Part of the Picture programme to challenge perceptions of Aberdeenshire and showcase the features of the region which highlight its unique nature and set it apart from the surrounding areas and the rest of Scotland.

“In producing a refreshed image bank, we are focusing not just on the stunning natural backdrops that Aberdeenshire is already known for, but also studying some of the area’s major and unique industries, using creativity to bring a new identity to Aberdeenshire’s most important assets.”

Aberdeenshire Provost, Jill Webster, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to highlight the assets which make Aberdeenshire so unique, through the eyes of a photographer who has produced some of the images which already make Scotland recognisable to an international audience.

“This is not just about Aberdeenshire’s natural beauty, but the heritage and economy which are equally important to the success and enjoyment of the area. “Colin works extremely hard to get the perfect image of his subject and I am really looking forward to seeing the final suite of images.”

Chair of Aberdeenshire Council’s Education, Learning and Leisure Committee, Councillor Isobel Davidson, said: “Working with such an esteemed photographer as Colin Prior is a great chance to raise Aberdeenshire’s profile and get people thinking about more of the things that make the area so special.

“While we have many landmarks recognised the world over, there are so many more features of life in Aberdeenshire which should be celebrated, and this is a fantastic way to do that.”

Be Part of the Picture is Aberdeenshire’s creative placemaking programme which is focussed on building local economies and community pride through the culture and creativity of Aberdeenshire.

The Colin Prior commission is the latest in a series of creative commissions to support the development of a new brand identity for Aberdeenshire and boost the area’s profile both locally and internationally.

Aberdeenshire-born and international textile designer Donna Wilson is already working on a new tartan design for Aberdeenshire, inspired by the rich palette of colours of Aberdeenshire’s diverse landscapes and communities.

For more information on the Be Part of the Picture programme, visit or Like us at

To find out more about Colin Prior, go to:


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