September 5, 2013

Saturday 28 September / Sunday 29 September

Rubislaw Terrace Gardens, Aberdeen

PLAY park – a participatory art project held in Rubislaw Terrace Gardens providing a cultural weekend for all ages and supported by Aberdeen Inspired!

PLAY park will be a two-day arts programme transforming the currently inactive environment of Aberdeen’s Rubislaw Terrace Gardens into an artistic space, showcasing a variety of cross art forms in a convenient location.

PLAY park aims to dramatically alter the public’s perception of Rubislaw Terrace Gardens and of art, aspiring to provide a new experience of art within a familiar setting. The project seeks to reactivate the underused park space by reaching out to a new audience by seducing them through play into conversations about their city.

PLAY park explores the action of ‘play’ as something fun, but also broaches the topical debate of play as a serious and pedagogical mode of learning. Play for an adult can sometimes be internalised, a silent creative thirst quenched through reading, creative writing or painting. PLAY park aims to bridge the gap between child and adult ‘play’ by encouraging a physical interaction with art.

PLAY park revisits Aberdonian history in an attempt to reactivate it’s underused park space. Outdoor recreational games will be reintroduced to the park in the form of mini golf, over-sized version of chess, commissioned carnival games with a difference and much more. Such over-sized recreational games were a tradition in Aberdeen parks in the past but have been lost and forgotten in recent years.

Commissioned Artists & Designers:

John Walter

Colin Priest

Ilona Niemi

Amber Robertson & Natalie Kerr

Philip Thompson & Gabi Reith-thompson

Kirsty Russell

SMART is also working with Patricia Fleming-Projects to place 5 temporary artworks by Glasgow based artist Iain Kettles into public spaces throughout Aberdeen – more information to follow!

via (13) PLAYpark.


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