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August 12, 2013

We are equipped to make a wide range of films for businesses, schools, individuals and charities. We use two Sony HDV Camcorders and Final Cut Pro editing software to create our work. We are willing to be involved in all or part of your film’s process and have a wealth of experience in fiction and documentary filmmaking.

Since purchasing our second HD Camcorder, our prices have changed to allow the possibility of having two cameras filming the one event. Our pricing is now as follows:


Half-day/evening rate* with one camera – £50

Half-day/evening rate with two cameras – £80

Full day rate** with one camera – £100

Full day rate with two cameras – £150


Half-day/evening rate* – £50

Full day rate** – £100

Other costs, including travel, would be discussed with each individual client.

*Half day/evening rate – sessions of approximately four hours or less

**Full day rate – two half day sessions, i.e. morning and afternoon / afternoon and evening

We can offer both printed and non-printed DVDs, the prices of which are as follows:

1-20 copies of printed DVDs – £6 each

20+ copies of printed DVDs – £4.50 each

1-20 copies of non-printed DVDs – £4.50 each

20+ copies of non-printed DVDs – £3.50 each

If your project exceeds the maximum space for a single layer DVD, we can offer you either a double disc package, or a dual layer disc, the prices for which are as follows:

1-20 copies – £10 each

20+ copies – £8 each

We can also provide you with your finished film on memory stick. This can be useful for those who intend to upload their film to YouTube. The cost of the master copy of your film (on DVD or memory stick) is £30.

If you are interested in using our services, please contact us. Here are some examples of the quality of our printed DVDs. Please click on the images to enlarge.

via Right Here Productions | Products and Services.


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