Creative Scotland: Actors Wanted

August 6, 2013

TWS is looking for six professional actors for a weeks rehearsal leading to public reading (as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival).

Drawn from a true story, Crazy Days is a bitter sweet tale of a vibrant and supportive café, set-up and run by users and survivors of the mental health system. When social entrepreneurs spot an opportunity the café begins to turn a profit and the users return to the streets.

6 actors – one main part each and a variety of smaller roles.The film, written from the perspective of radical or politicised “users and survivors”, employs the humour of that culture. An understanding and empathy with this perspective is essential, as is a willingness to deal with some tough issues and have a laugh. A supportive and respectful spirit essential.

The Characters:

1) Jack is a Granddad and the guardian of the soul of Crazy Days. He’s everywhere; a born organiser, not afraid to get his hands dirty he gives practical help, espousing his views on the principles of the café and the politics of madness.

2) Lizzie sometimes affects an air of detached artiness and sits in a corner painting pretending not to notice. She’s trying to get the café more upmarket and more business-like and strikes it lucky when her accountant brother sends Morag along to do some pro bono accountancy work.

3) Morag arrives at Crazy Days in a very defensive state of mind. The last thing she wants is to be surrounded by mad people, so affects a detached ultra professional air which doesn’t endear her to the Crazies.

4) Mark is a former post graduate student who dropped out. His wee dog Molly, helps him with his feelings of anxiety. Very involved in the café he runs a service to deliver food by pushbike to Crazies too unwell to venture out of their homes.

5) Nicola largely despises the Crazies, with the possible exception of Lizzie, to whom she is continually sucking up, they recognise her vagaries as all part of her condition, so largely tolerate them.

6) Andy’s a former soldier calls things as he sees them. The rebranding of the café drives him out, he loses touch with his friends and ends up drinking again.

Rehearsal October 8th – 15th. Funded by Edinburgh City Council a fee is available, but we can’t cover accommodation. Please write or email with cv, which part you are applying for and say what you will bring to the process.

TWS c/o OOTB, 36 Dalmeny St.,Edinburgh EH6 8RG or Mark m

This opportunity is available in: Edinburgh City

For further information, please contact (Robert Rae), or call +44 (0)131 555 38 5, or visit The deadline is Friday 13 September 2013 at 17:00.

via Creative Scotland: Actors Wanted.


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