Culturing our Creativity

May 15, 2013

Culturing Our Creativity is about the environment we create that will allow arts and culture in Scotland to flourish

An AmbITion Scotland seminar, webcast and open-space one-day event in partnership with Missions Models Money, Arts & Business Scotland and the Cultural Enterprise Office exploring the current context for culture and how we might change it.

Date: Monday 17 June 2013

Location: [venue TBC], Edinburgh

Seminar : 10.30 – 12:30

Webcast: 10:55 – 12:30

Open space: 13.15 – 15.30

Cost: £20 + VAT*

Ben Cameron from the Doris Duke Charitable Trust, a thought leader on culture and the arts in the United States will be the key note speaker for the day along with contributions from:

David Watt, new CEO of Arts & Business Scotland

Eleonore Belfiore, leader of the #culturalvalue initiative

Shelagh Wright, Missions Models Money

Bob Last, Cultural Enterprise Office

Hannah Rudman, Rudman Consulting and AmbITIon Scotland

Chaired by Roanne Dods and featuring storyteller Donald Smith from the Scottish Storytelling Centre to energise the open-space session, the day promises to be enlightening and engaging.

Culturing our Creativity is driven by three key questions: What conditions are needed for individuals and organisations working in arts, culture and the creative industries in Scotland to flourish on our finite planet? How can we ensure their presence? What more could they contribute to our common wealth if we did?

Individuals and organisations working in arts, culture and the creative industries in Scotland are faced with a rapidly changing external operating environment that is increasingly uncertain. Many, especially those working in small practices, micro businesses and SMEs, face continuous obstacles to achieving their full potential, especially in relation to accessing the right kind of human and financial resources to help them adapt and build their resilience.

Whilst we know a lot about the conditions needed to enable cultural and creative activities to flourish at different points in their lifecycle, they’re not present across the whole ecosystem. They’re not connected up. Most importantly, we don’t fully recognise the different kinds value they create, and what impacts these values have on our increasingly challenged economy, society and environment.

*If price is a barrier please get in touch – we don’t want anyone to be excluded based on ability to pay.

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