Oor Monsters III @Junction Art 26th April – 28th June

April 18, 2013

Preview Evening – Friday 26th 6 – 8p.m

During the months of May and June Junction arts will become a temporary monster emporium!

Created by artists Philip Thompson and Gabrielle Reith, this will be their third venture into the world of all things monstrous and with many other special guest artists invited to take part we are very excited about what will most definitely be a very memorable and exciting show.

The Idea of the “monster show” has been left open to interpretation by the artist and maker.

Work will range from fantasy to reality ‐ utilising the very open idea of what a “monster” is. The one

parameter of the interpretation, should be “creativity” ‐ what monsters work with or against artists and makers when they create work? Be that in everyday life (a car breaking down) or those little (but oh so weighty) little critical daemons on our backs…

Artists taking part are;

Philip Thompson, Gabrielle Reith, Cosmic Nuggets, Iain Gildea, Mags Gray, Katie Guthrie, Melodie Stacey, Aubin Stewart Max Stewart and more…

via gra_news.


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