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March 29, 2013

Make Works tour: Searching for best in Scottish fabrication

Project plans to create an online resource for the creative community

Glasgow-based Make Works is planning a three-month tour of Scotland this summer to find and visit the best fabricators in the country that can enable designers, artists and entrepreneurs to make their work in Scotland rather than outsource production abroad.

Make Works will visit factories, small businesses, foundries and workshops in all 32 council areas in Scotland, in the hope of seeing 180 manufacturers in 90 days from late June to early October 2013.

The tour will call on a wide variety of fabricators, from textile manufacturers, ceramics studios, laser-cutting facilities and wood suppliers, through to skilled individuals who may have machines to rent out.

The whole journey will be documented online, with a live map, blog posts and updated with video clips as it progresses.

Increase confidence in Scottish craftsmanship

The project plans to reignite the connections between industry and design. The aim of the tour is to increase confidence in the quality of craftsmanship and material that can be fabricated in Scotland, and collect the information required to get ‘hidden’ local industries online.

Following the tour, Make Works intends to create an online resource for the creative community: “We hope to develop better transparency of knowledge within the industry and create a supportive network of trusted local factories, small businesses and people to work with,” says Fi Scott, Make Works founder and design director. “Essentially, we want to make it easier to get things made in Scotland.”

Self-funded initiative – can you help?

Make Works is a self-funded initiative and is looking for help and support with the project, from putting them up for the night and other in-kind support, to tips on people they should visit.

The project is also looking for a select number of photographers, filmmakers, designers (and drivers) to join them for all, or sections of, the journey.

If you’d like to find out more or want to support the tour, either with in-kind or capital sponsorship, email Fi Scott at Make Works on

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