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March 19, 2013

Professional Residency Programme

Citymoves supports professional residencies and choreographic development projects throughout the year. In the past this programme has seen Claire Pençak working on Lisbon Diaries, Michael Popper working with Matthew Foster, Jonathan Claxton and Sara Schena creating Union Street Hosannas, Ian Spink and Bill Thompson researching and developing ideas for the ANA project, and Aberdeen Dance Collective working with choreographers Lorraine Jamieson and Steven Martin.

For a full list of residencies since 2009, click here.

Residencies usually culminate with a public sharing on the Friday afternoon.

Information for those applying to Citymoves Dance Agency for professional residency support. Please take time to include the following points in your application:

Current CV

Photographic or video evidence of past work

Detailed description of the work

Names of performers / artists

Whether the work is research or leading to a performance. If the latter, specify dates and venues if any are confirmed

How this residency relates to your previous work, and how it will further your practice

Why you are choosing to work at Citymoves

How you would meet the criteria below

Prospective budget outline including support requested from Citymoves

Whether another organisation is supporting you, e.g. Creative Scotland


Citymoves predominantly supports individual dance artists and companies living and working in Scotland. We would like you to demonstrate a willingness to contribute to the community of Aberdeen. For example working with local dancers, your sharing taking place in a public space, teaching a schools workshop or sourcing a local focus group to further your research.


Applications will be reviewed by a panel of Citymoves Dance Agency staff, to ensure fairness, and will be judged against the criteria above. Applications will be reviewed twice a year; 31st March and 31st October. If your project is time limited please ensure that you send us your application before the relevant deadline. Please bear in mind that if you are unsuccessful in receiving financial help, there are a number of other ways that Citymoves can help, including offering free studio space, mentoring and marketing, business planning and fundraising advice.

Applications should be sent to: Hayley Durward, Dance Development Officer, Citymoves Dance Agency, Schoolhill, Aberdeen AB10 1FQ. Email:

via Professional | Citymoves Dance Agency.


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