NEOS 2013 sign up now open!

March 1, 2013

With NEOS now being the biggest open studios event in the whole of Scotland, the amount of work involved to get the show on the road is growing each year. As a team of volunteers we therefore have to be strict and keep to very tight deadline in order to get everything organised and the catalogue produced on time.

To help us make a success of NEOS 2013, please make sure you get your application in before the deadline and check, double-check and triple-check your entry before submitting!

The 2013 NEOS Event will run from Saturday 7th September till Sunday 29th September.

The 3 week event will be split into geographical areas – North, Central and South. Aberdeen City will be included in the South section.

There will be overlapping weekends between weeks to maximise potential visitor numbers.

The split will be as follows:

North: Sat 7 – Sun 15 Sept

Central: Sat 14 – Sun 22 Sept

South & City: Sat 21 – Sun 29 Sept

The A96 will be the boundary between north and central – large towns like Inverurie and Huntly will be in the North Section

The division between Central and South will be the Mounth hill and the hill line which crosses The Slug and Cairn o’ Mount. Villages like Strachan and Finzean will be included in the Central Section.

Aberdeen City will be included in the South section – all entries east of Anderson Drive and South of the Parkway will be included in the South area.

If you have any queries about which area you will be included in, please email for clarification before sign up ends on the 31st March!

Individual artists versus group shows

Over the years more and more artists have got together with others during the nine days of NEOS to create group shows. This is wonderful and many members of the public have commented to say how much they enjoy this. However, we would like to make a few changes in terms of group applications for the catalogue.

First of all, the catalogue is a year-round directory of all the artistic talent in the North East, not a brochure of events just for the duration of NEOS. By putting in your own entry, customers will be able to find your creative business at any time during the year – benefiting yourself as an artist much more than when advertised as part of a temporary collective. Secondly, paying for just one entry as a group is not fair on all those individuals who do pay the full amount.

We hope that these changes will keep the NEOS catalogue user-friendly and clear for everyone.

To summarise:

Official entries can only be: artists, makers, galleries and constituted artist collectives.

Groups formed just for the duration of NEOS are classed as events, which will not be included in the directory for 2013. Artists taking part in these events are encouraged to take out their own individual entry for reasons mentioned above.

Groups can only take out one single entry if they are a constituted group and operate year-round. Proof of this status should be supplied with the application.

Venues such as hotels, cafes and other places that are not year-round art galleries are classed as temporary venues for the NEOS week, and therefore not eligible for a year-round directory entry.  These venues are encouraged to take out an advertisement to highlight their business as well as listing any NEOS activity in the advertising section of the brochure.

For information on the advertising section please email

via NEOS – North East Open Studios – A comprehensive guide to Galleries, Artists and Makers of the North East of Scotland.

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