Gordon Art Exhibition call for work

February 19, 2013

THIS is the twenty-second year of Inverurie’s annual celebration of local talent, craftsmanship and imagination. Every year members of the committee are astounded by the quality of  work received, and do their utmost to show it off for the enjoyment of the many visitors that come to the Town Hall each year for this major art event.

This year, for the first time, the committee has decided to take the exhibition to a new level by going digital, which means artists will be able to access all the necessary information online, as well as registering their works of art, prior to Acceptance Day.

The committee is very grateful to the many volunteers whose commitment they rely upon to help get the ‘show’ up and running, and without whom staging an exhibition on this scale would not be possible.

Run under the umbrella of Gordon Forum for the Arts, Aberdeenshire Council lend their support, which is invaluable and for which the committee has also expressed enormous gratitude.

A huge thank you also goes out to all the sponsors and advertisers whose contributions are recognised throughout the catalogue, on this website and at the exhibition itself.

Whether you want to just enjoy looking at the vast variety of works or want to purchase a piece to enjoy forever, there undoubtedly will be something there to suit all tastes, as well as budgets.

The committee wishes you a most rewarding and enjoyable experience at Gordon Art Exhibition, 2013.

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