Digital 2013 – Creating and Measuring Value from Digital

February 19, 2013

Through the growth and integration of digital services, multiple-platforms and channels, and digital content, organisations, micro businesses, and individuals are increasingly spending more time, effort and cost developing and creating that ultimate digital presence.

Organisations want to create greater value for their businesses and practices, and are discovering there is an opportunity to generate greater return from their digital presence.


Digital 2013 will explore the approaches of how leading organisations are “Designing their Digital Presence” and how they are generating a return on their investment – in terms of money, attention from customers, and value perceived by them. We will be exploring topics including responsive design, methods for analysing and making use of data, creation of compelling digital content, approaches to building profitable digital services and digital service definition.

Structured across a programme of Keynotes, Panels, Workshops and Exhibitions, Digital 2013 brings together the sector’s key influencers responsible for developing the commercial, digital and creative strategies and provides the launchpad for picking up the latest approaches for Creating and Measuring Value from Digital.

What to Expect

Those attending Digital 2013 will leave with:

an insight into how leading organisations are designing a compelling digital presence

methods for analysing and making the right use of data and returning revenue

an understanding of how to design absorbing digital experiences

networking with like-minded organisations for potential collaboration on projects

via Digital 2013 – Eventbrite.


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