Don photography exhibition to showcase diversity of the river | Magazine | Aberdeen | STV

February 7, 2013

When the third Don crossing at Tillydrone was giving the green light, for some people it marked the end of an era for the idyllic nature spot, for others it was a call to action.

Lesley Bilton-Cruickshank spent her childhood by the River Don and once she had a daughter of her own, they walked along the banks, stopping to take in the nature that they passed.

Her love of the area sparked an idea that she has spun into motion – to record the diversity of life by the river.

The 44-year-old photographer said: “I was reading a lot of Facebook pages about how sad people seemed to be about the new bridge so that inspired me to get a collection of images together to show how loved the river is.

“It is just a nice place to go and spend time – I used to sit and teach my daughter all of the Latin names of the trees we saw.

“People think it will just be a complete disaster but the main thing about the bridge is the noise impact. It’s quite tranquil down there right now and once the noise pollution comes in things will change dramatically.”

Last week, the eager shutterbug set up a Facebook page to invite people to contribute images of their experiences by the river, for an exhibition called Don Diversity: A Photographic Retrospective.

Lesley added: “So far we have had a lot of attention. The point of this exhibition is to get as many people who are interested in the area to take pictures, whether it’s on their iPhone, flip cam or professional camera; its not about the quality of the picture.

“The idea is to run a big exhibition of photographs of the Don corridor to show the diversity of; history, culture, wildlife, landscape, or your memories that make this area so valued. It’s not a competition. We want to include as many people as possible.”

via Don photography exhibition to showcase diversity of the river | Magazine | Aberdeen | STV.


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