A&B Accepting applications now

February 3, 2013

Arts & Business Scotland New Arts Sponsorship Grants match eligible first time business sponsorships of the arts. For every £1 of sponsorship arts applicants can receive £1 of match funding up to a maximum of £40,000 in one year.

The aim of the scheme is to encourage new business sponsorship of the arts within Scotland and to encourage arts organisations to approach the business sector, building mutually beneficial relationships.

‘Sponsorship’ is defined as the payment to an arts organisation by a business in exchange for agreed benefits such as promotion of the business’ name, its products or services. Sponsorship is part of a business’ general promotional expenditure. It can encompass a sense of corporate social responsibility (CSR) or staff development.

” There was an evident synergy between what our Business Sponsor wanted and what we could offer. The Sponsor seems inclined to favour a more subtle approach to publicity and has a diverse customer target group”

(Grant recipient Ann Fleming, Vision Mechanics)

Full details of the scheme, guidelines and application forms are available on Arts & Business Scotland Website http://www.aandbscotland.org.uk/new-arts-sponsorship-grants-201112/

You can also find useful information about how to go about raising sponsorship from business http://www.aandbscotland.org.uk/learning-andamp-development/

Applications are on-going pending funds and sponsorship may be cash or in-kind.

There are currently funds available and the Scottish Government Department of Culture has made funding available to Arts & Business Scotland via Creative Scotland for the next two years.

This opportunity is available in: All Scotland

For further information, please contact grants@aandbscotland.org.uk (Fiona Holt), or call 0131 556 3353, or visit http://www.aandbscotland.org.uk/new-arts-sponsorship-grants-201112/. The deadline is Wednesday 01 April 2015 at 00:00.

via Creative Scotland: Accepting applications now.


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