GHAT : Launch of artwork in Chalmers Hospital, Banff

January 25, 2013

Grampian Hospitals Art Trust has been working with NHS Grampian and the Friends of Chalmers Hospital, Banff to create wonderful new artwork for patients, visitors and staff.  The Friends of Chalmers and the ARCHIE Foundation funded this arts project.   The artwork will be officially unveiled at the hospital on Tuesday 29t January at 2.40pm You are invited to attend 

The refurbishment and development of Chalmers Hospital is the culmination of several years of work by NHS Grampian and was complete in 2012.   An arts project group was set up to oversee the creation of a well-designed and calming visual environment for patients, staff and visitors. The group included members of Grampian Hospitals Art Trust (GHAT), Senior Management and Friends of Chalmers Hospital. 

Lead Artist Lynne Strachan, Sculptor Mary Bourne, Photographer Nicole Gildea and Poet Margot Henderson ran community engagement sessions with Banff Primary School, staff members and the Friends Group. These sessions produced photographs of the local area, poems inspired by the landscape and character creations for the small dolls in the children’s waiting area. The lead artist and sculpture used these ideas and imagery to create beautiful artworks that flow through the reception area, the main ward and the welcoming outside entrance area. 

School pupils and those involved in the project will be there to celebrate their involvement in the project. The guests will be able to see the work at first hand and meet with the artists on site. 

Pamela Gowans, deputy general manager, NHS Grampian is delighted with the artwork:  “There are huge benefits in integrating artwork and engaging the local community to be part of modern hospital design. Healing is our aim but providing the right environment for people to feel better is essential.  We believe that the displays at Chalmers Hospital will bring comfort, calmness and a pleasant distraction to what can be a very difficult time for people”. 



Grampian Hospitals Arts Trust will present the pupils with certificates of achievement for their help with this project.


Grampian Hospitals Art Trust centres on the provision of artworks and commissions for the benefit of patients in Grampian healthcare settings


Executive Director of Grampian Hospitals Art Trust, Sally Thomson, said:   “Over the past 26 years Grampian Hospitals Arts Trust (GHAT) has worked to create a brighter, more welcoming visual environment within NHS Grampian sites. We are particularly proud of the involvement of the community and NHS within this project which has made it so successful.


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