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January 25, 2013

The BFI Distribution Fund invests in increasing access to, and awareness of, high quality British independent and specialised films in order to boost audience choice and to enrich film culture UK-wide.

We aim to do this in two key ways:

by supporting the distribution launch of films that have the potential to reach beyond their core market.

by championing fresh approaches in distribution and marketing that will help films find new audiences, both in cinemas and across additional platforms.

The Distribution Fund has an annual budget of £4 million.

The Fund will work with and be complementary to other BFI funding initiatives such as the Audience Fund and the 5-19 Education Scheme and will contribute to our strategic priority of expanding education and learning opportunities and boosting audience choice across the UK.

Funding strands

There are four distribution funding strands, each specifically designed to address different types of films, release strategies and the associated challenges and opportunities in the marketplace.

Big Audience awards – significant awards to support ambitious releases of new British films with the potential to reach a wide UK audience.

Breakout awards – supporting increased audience reach for exemplary independent British and specialised cinema.

New Models awards – to support experimental and ambitious release models, and creative marketing strategies that seek to exploit new opportunities outside traditional theatrical and marketing routes.

Sleeper awards – targeted at ‘in-release’ films that have achieved exceptional weekend box office results, exceeding market expectations.

Find out more about the individual funding strands and the online application process.

For any further enquiries on the Fund, please email distributionfund@bfi.org.uk.

via Distribution Fund | British Film Institute.

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