Above and Below: The Lively Cites public artwork

January 17, 2013

The Lively Cites public artwork for the Aberdeen Green

Above and Below is a public art project located in Correction Wynd tunnel, beneath Aberdeen’s busy Union Street. In the tunnel a number of screens are fixed overhead, facing the ground. As pedestrians pass through the tunnel they can look up to see images on the screens above them. The images on these screens are video signals, delayed and relayed, from two cameras looking down on Union Street above. These cameras give a bird’s-eye perspective turning the tunnel below into a contemporary, fragmented, ‘camera obscura’. The pedestrians passing through Correction Wynd will experience the dislocating effect of looking up to see images looking down upon the street which is above them.

Artist: Colin Andrews


Artwork location: Correction Wynd, Aberdeen, AB10 1HP

This commission was supported through The Lively Cities Project (LiCi), a European partnership which is looking at alternative ways of strengthening communities by ”reclaiming public space for public use’. The artwork will be on display until early spring.

What do you think?

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via Above and Below.


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