GHAT & Mile End School visit Launch of artwork

December 14, 2012

Launch of artwork in the Paediatric Dental Unit

Grampian Hospitals Art Trust and The ARCHIE Foundation have been working with the University of Aberdeen Dental School to create wonderful new artwork for children and young people. The ARCHIE Foundation Grampian Hospitals Art Trust have been working in partnership to manage and install the work.

The University of Aberdeen Dental School houses both academic and dental care facilities with the internal space, on two floors, shared between the University and NHSG. The ground floor is dedicated to NHSG dental services and student teaching facilities which includes a dedicated paediatric dental unit.

Artist, Susan T Grant worked with Mile End School pupils and the staff of the paediatric unit to create ‘Forecast’. Susan T Grant has used dichromatic vinyl to create huge weather symbols which change colour as you walk past. There is a weather animation in one of the treatment rooms which distracts young patients during procedures.

Mile End School pupils visited on the unit at on the 13th December to celebrate their involvement in the project. They were able to see the work at first hand and met with the artist and members of The ARCHIE Foundation including the CEO David Cunningham.

David Cunningham, CEO of the ARCHIE Foundation said, ‘It is crucial that young people and their families are helped to feel calm in medical facilities. In many cases a child who is calm in their surroundings can be treated more easily and have a more comfortable experience. The ARCHIE Foundation is dedicated to making a difference to children and families in the North East of Scotland when they need our help the most.”

Grampian Hospitals Arts Trust and the ARCHIE Foundation will present the pupils with certificates of achievement for their help with this project.

Grampian Hospitals Art Trust centres on the provision of artworks and commissions for the benefit of patients in Grampian healthcare settings

Executive Director of Grampian Hospitals Art Trust, Sally Thomson, said, “Over the past 26 years Grampian Hospitals Arts Trust (GHAT) has worked to create a brighter, more welcoming visual environment within NHS Grampian sites, which has been proven to assist patient wellbeing and save the NHS money.
: : Grampian Hospitals Art Trust : :.


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