Learning at DCA

December 10, 2012

Learning at DCA

At DCA we believe learning is inherent in rich cultural experiences.

Across the programme we aim to create clear routes for both education and informal learning by offering information, opportunities to connect with making, processes and artists themselves, and also by presenting events which look at wider cultural history.

We also like to play, have fun and try new ways of engaging people of all ages in creative learning and teaching.

For group visits or family days check out DCA Activity Room and Discovery Family Film Club. Our Art Cart offers ways into exploring an exhibition .

Curriculum for Excellence.

Partnerships with Dundee and Angus Education Departments and individual teachers are underway with Discovery Film Festival. programme. We shall be hosting more teacher partnerships and CPD for Expressive Arts: Art & Design and the moving image theme in 2011.

Students at various levels can be involved in learning at DCA from senior school pupils through to post graduate research and internships.

To ensure that we also participate in active learning and to explore specific areas for development, we design and evaluate a range of projects with key partners.

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DCA Community & Education team

Tel. 01382 909900

E-mail: community.education@dca.org.uk

via Dundee Contemporary Arts.


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