Grampian Hospitals Art Trust receives £10,000 for ECC

December 10, 2012

The new NHS Grampian Emergency Care Centre at Foresterhill is poised to open for business, and Grampian Hospitals Art Trust (GHAT) has commissioned artists to curate a selection of beautiful artworks for the public areas throughout the new building.


Aberdeen Asset Management has generously donated £10,000 to help us provide a high quality visual environment to match the ultra-modern healing environment of this new facility, which represents the very best of modern health care in the NHS. The money from AAM will be used to work with the staff of each clinical department to choose and install artwork on the walls and in the day rooms.

Blocked image

Chairman of GHAT, Dr. Donnie Ross said, ”This generous donation from Aberdeen Asset Management will directly help GHAT to create a welcoming environment across the whole of this ‘state of the art’ new building.  It’s a fabulous project, and it clearly represents a unique opportunity for staff as well as patients, in terms of the organisation and delivery of modern healthcare.  We are very grateful for the support of Aberdeen Asset Management in helping us to enhance the visual environment in the ECC.”


Grampian Hospitals Art Trust centres on the provision of artworks and commissions for the benefit of patients in Grampian healthcare settings. In the last five years, several initiatives to involve patients in creating their own artwork have been put into action and these projects have been a huge success. ArtRoom sessions at Roxburghe House and Woodend Hospital bring professional artists and creative materials to work directly with patients in wards and day care environments.  GHAT has commissioned and installed artwork for new buildings and as part of refurbishments in healthcare facilities across North East Scotland.  Projects are funded through charitable donations and trust applications.


Presently GHAT is raising funds for a new creative hub/gallery for the ARI. This will be a non clinical open-access space where patients, staff and visitors can relax and find some refuge from difficult situations.


Executive Director of Grampian Hospitals Art Trust, Sally Thomson, said,   “Over the past 26 years Grampian Hospitals Arts Trust (GHAT) has worked to create a brighter, more welcoming visual environment within NHS Grampian sites, which has been proven to accelerate the healing process, improve patient wellbeing and reduce the need for pain-killing drugs.  A well-designed visual environment actually does save the NHS money.’ 

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