Creative Scotland: Calling all playwrights

December 4, 2012

• NTC seeks writers of new plays – for full brief email

• Plays will have a maximum of 6 actors 3m 3f, (though more characters are possible with doubling) 2 of the actors will be trainees most likely under 25.

• Plays must last no longer than a half hour

• Plays must be suitable to tour to intergenerational village hall audiences 15+ as well as theatre audiences.

• Plays will reflect the maxim that ‘specificity breeds universality’ Miro, and the nature of NTC’s mission statement, whilst continuing to push the boundaries of theatre.

• Plays will be directed by Gillian Hambleton, Artistic Director of NTC.

• Selected Playwrights will be mentored and supported by writer Ann Coburn & Gillian Hambleton, Artistic Director.

Please submit the following information:

• a one page synopsis of your idea for the half hour play (please note if you are chosen to work on this project, we cannot guarantee your idea will be produced, you may need to modify it to ensure it fits in with the whole project)

• The first 20 pages of a script you have previously written

• A writing CV

The 4 successful applications will have the opportunity to see their work professionally produced in March 2013, and will be paid £1,000.

Please submit your application to

By 7th December 2012

via Creative Scotland: Calling all playwrights.


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