COAST Commissions – Costumes and Banners

December 4, 2012

COAST Arts Festival started in 2008 in the Aberdeenshire harbour towns of Banff and Macduff. The COAST festival takes place during the last weekend in May offering exhibitions, events and activities in a wide range of venues in the two towns, both indoors and outdoors.

COAST is looking for experienced artists/designers, in particular those who work in costume design and graphic arts in a public art / community context, to undertake one or both of the following commissions. Creative engagement is a key requirement; this will take the form of ‘ideas sessions’ with pupils of a local School.

The Commissions:

1. To design and produce costume elements, to be decided by the artist, that are intended to be worn by COAST volunteers so that they become live interpreters/’human signposts’, who will walk about the street and other sites of activity (fish market, town hall, beach, green spaces) during the three days of the festival, providing a visible and accessible point of contact for members of the public to seek information and directions. Thus ensuring that visitors get to all events, even those that are less visible from the main thoroughfare, and at the right time.

2. Promotional Banners for the harbourside in Macduff to fit 8 unused banner brackets which were installed some years ago as part of an earlier town marketing initiative. The aim is to provide a more festive and visually striking aspect to the street, the main thoroughfare through the town, and encourage people to visit the exhibitions and events in both the town hall and harbourside.

Commissions 1. and 2. may be applied for separately, or together as one submission.

Key aims are to use design and the arts to:

• create an air of festivity over the Festival weekend

• promote and develop awareness of the festival and its events in general, particularly in Macduff

• make Festival volunteers more visible and enhance their role as people who can offer information and assistance to visitors

• create work that fulfils the requirements of the brief whilst also showcasing the professional skills and talents of the practitioner

• produce visual work that is suitable in design, use and materials so that it can be used for the same purposes at future festivals, providing a legacy, helping to build resources.

Budgets are allocated thus:

Commission 1. – £2250

Commission 2 – £3750

to include all artists’ fees, travel, accommodation, materials and all costs associated with fabri

This opportunity is available in: Aberdeenshire

For further information, please contact (Alison Simpson), or call 01542 841063, or visit The deadline is Monday 10 December 2012 at 12:00.

via Creative Scotland: COAST Commissions – Costumes and Banners.


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