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November 8, 2012

What is it?

The Scottish EDGE is a £1 million fund which aims to support and encourage entrepreneurial activity in Scotland.

The fund is for ambitious entrepreneurs who wish to establish or grow their business. The businesses which demonstrate the most potential could win awards of up to £50,000.

Winners will also receive a package of support from the Royal Bank of Scotland which may include free banking, security advice, or mentoring support. Further support in the form of investment or innovation advice will also be provided where appropriate.

Who is it for?

The fund is open to small, young Scottish businesses which have the potential to achieve or increase sales by £400,000 within a period of three years (or £200,000 in the Highlands and Islands region) and which also have the potential to create new jobs.

To achieve that level of growth we expect your business to be able to trade internationally.

There is a range of application criteria – find out if your business is eligible

Can anyone in Scotland apply?

The Scottish EDGE is available to entrepreneurs across all of Scotland, no matter where you are based.

The initiative is being delivered by both Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise (amongst others) meaning that wherever in Scotland you are, you could be eligible to apply.

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One Response to “Scottish EDGE | Funding sources | Scottish Enterprise”

  1. It’s an old post I know – And the second round of the edge fund is now closed. But honestly?

    Somewhere in the region of 62% of creative businesses in Scotland are microbusinesses – Sole traders with no employees.

    By encouraging people to pitch to a standard that quite frankly would not be accepted from kids on an NQ course not only are Scottish Enterprise disrespecting and undermining the small (creative) businesses who DO help people to produce decent pitches; they’re presenting a face of Scottish business to the world that looks VERY amateurish.

    – Anyone remember the ‘Wecome to Stoneybridge’ sketches?

    Funding is funding I guess – Scottish Enterprise is though largely an irrelevance to most microbusinesses – And some 62% of Creative enterprises in Scotland ARE exactly that!

    And this is likely to do more harm than good!

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