6 month GANE contract

October 24, 2012

Contract to work with HI~Arts and GANE funding partners to deliver the GANE programme in Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City from November 2012 – 31ST March 2013.


Growing Audiences North East was developed by HI~Arts as a three year programme to respond to a commission offered by Aberdeenshire and City Councils, with support from the Scottish Arts Council reporting to a steering group. That programme ran till July 2012. It began with a year of direct delivery of services by HI~Arts, and then in Year 2 a team based in the North East was recruited, made up of a fulltime Manager and a half-time Administrator, and an office base was set up at Woodend Barn in Banchory.

At the beginning of 2012 Creative Scotland commissioned Glasgow-based Culture Sparks and Edinburgh-based The Audience Business to collaborate on the development of a single national audience development agency for Scotland. The GANE model has been seen as important within this wider development, as a transferrable approach to delivering regional services within a national structure. For that reason, Creative Scotland invited Aberdeenshire Council to submit a Managed Funds application which would maintain the GANE programme until March 2013, and the launch of the new national agency. Both Aberdeen Shire and City Councils have contributed their own funds to this end, and HI~Arts has devised a developmental programme of activities and services to be delivered during this period.

In October 2011 the GANE Manager went on maternity leave, and she has now decided to resign her post rather than return to work, and is working a notice period. She will also retain a freelance involvement in the GANE project in the coming months to ensure a measure of continuity.

HI~Arts is therefore able to offer an opportunity to a suitably qualified and experienced individual to undertake a part-time contract for six months to help with the delivery of the GANE programme. This would be suitable for someone working on a freelance basis, or perhaps working on a part-time basis within another organisation, or as a secondment from another organisation.
The GANE Administrator will remain in post on a 0.5 basis, employed by HI~Arts, and the contracted individual will be able to work from home, or potentially from Woodend Barn as the previous Manager did, or with any organisation in which they are already based, or hot desk at City or Shire offices. HI~Arts’ Director will retain the overall strategic role, working with City and Shire partners and HI~Arts’ Audience Development Manager will work closely with the individual on the delivery of the programme.
Creative Scotland, Aberdeenshire Council and City Council funding has been secured to work with TAB and Cultural Sparks to ensure the North East is represented in the development of the new national audience development agency. This funding will also seek to maintain audience development services and expertise in the North East of Scotland.
An external evaluation of the GANE project has been completed by Creative Solutions and is available for further background information.

The Programme.
Proposed GANE Programme 1 July 2012-31 March 2013 To deliver 9 days of Surgery Sessions (1 session per month)

  • These will be delivered across the Shire and City.
  • We can deliver a maximum of 54 individual sessions in these 9 days.
  • To deliver a minimum of 9 Marketing Health Checks
  • Each Health Check accounts for 3 days work and 1 day for a follow up appointment with the client (total of 4 days).
  • If there is demand for additional Health Checks, these will be charged at £500 each
  • To deliver 3 Training & Roadshow Activities
  • Proposed Themes: Revisiting Social Networking for the Terrified, Web Developments and Selling Online, and Data Collection & Management for Strategic Audience Development.
  • We have estimated that planning, developing and implementing the activities will account for 5 days of work.

In targeting and prioritising these activities, the focus will be on:
Events and venues which are seeking to develop more family-friendly approaches to marketing and delivery, in accordance with Aberdeenshire Council strategic priorities Building stronger links between the arts and heritage sectors, and with the communities in which they operate Promoting greater collaboration between individual venues and organisations.
The fee for this contract will be £8875 for staff. Separate budgets are available for (a) home working, office and travel and administration costs (£5,000) to be shared across the GANE team and for the delivery of the programme itself (£15,000).

To be considered for this partnership please submit: A full CV including if relevant your present

Job Description

A letter outlining your interest in, and commitment to, the principles of audience development and increasing cultural engagement.

These should be submitted to Robert Livingston via robert@hi-arts.co.uk by 31 October 2012
Rev 15-10-12



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