WE ARE STARDUST by Barry McGlashan

October 23, 2012

Exhibition runs from: 26 October – 25 November 2012
gallery open: fri / sat / sun 12-4pm

Born and raised in Aberdeen, Barry McGlashan studied painting at Gray’s School of Art, graduating in 1996 with first class honours. In 1998 he returned to Gray’s School of Art where he continued to teach in the drawing and painting department until 2005 when he left teaching to pursue painting full time. In 2001 he was awarded The Alastair Salvesen Scholarship through The Royal Scottish Academy which allowed him to travel in the United States for 3 months, a country which he continued to visit and which influence his work for many years. Recent work has moved away from the theme of travel to one of a greater journey – that of the human condition. He has exhibited widely in both solo and group exhibitions with his work being held in many private and public collections both in the UK and internationally.

The work in this exhibition has mainly evolved from my interest in our differing ways of trying to make sense of the world around us, in science versus religion and everything in between. To say your work is about the meaning of life perhaps sounds rather grand but mankind’s curiosity to better understand why and how we are here is what got us out of the caves. Since man first created ‘art’ as a means of understanding his surroundings we have continued to work in wonder of that which we don’t understand. Really, not much has changed.

Drawing and painting is central to who I am and everything I do. There is something that is at one time simple and yet also incredibly complex in its making. Like magic, it is some illusion with which we can fool the brain and transform thought, taking us away to some distant time or place. I often speak about solitude in my work and about our isolation both personal and collective. There is also a resigned nature to these works I think. We are obviously part of something far greater than we can ever understand, part of some universal machine.
Barry McGlashan 2012

We would like to thank VISCOM for supporting this exhibition.

Private view –
Thursday 25 October 6pm – 8pm

please RSVP to this email

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this unique exhibition at The SMART Gallery – put the date in your diary!

Best wishes,
the SMART team


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