Synergy Grants – Open and Future Calls

October 23, 2012

Please note that this grant scheme is still being run with a limited call budget on a pilot basis, so it is likely to be very competitive with only exceptional proposals being funded.

The ERC is funded as part of the EU’s current Framework Programme 7 (FP7) which runs 2007-2013. The call above will be the final Synergy Grant call funded under the FP7, so there will be no ERC Synergy Grant call launched in 2013.

ERC Funding Post 2013

A new EU research and innovation funding Programme, to be known as ‘Horizon 2020’, is expected to run from  2014-2020 and is currently under discussion. The ERC is expected to continue as part of this Horizon 2020 Programme, although the ERC’s structure and funding levels within Horizon 2020 are still to be discussed and confirmed over the coming years. However, the Synergy Grants may continue to be funded under Horizon 2020. If so, the first call likely to be launched in 2014.

Open and Future Calls.


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