Collabor8te Initiative for Short Film-makers – 2013 Round Open

October 4, 2012

How to Apply

Please read the guidelines below, complete the entry form, and submit the following:

– CV

– 1 Page Synopsis

– Script up to 15 pages

Maximum file size: 2MB. Upload PDF files only – no other format will be accepted. If you have difficulty submitting the form, please check that all of your file names end with the extension .pdf


• Scripts of any genre, up to 15 pages. The initiative will produce up to 8 films with budgets up to £10,000 each during 2013.

• While Collabor8te is keen to develop narrative films with strong stories and characters, we actively encourage a broad array of styles, genres, and mediums including animation.

• Collabor8te welcome submissions from writers with a variety of creative disciplines and backgrounds.

• Writers may submit up to 2 scripts each. Writers are welcome to enter scripts previously submitted to Collabor8te. If a writer enters more than 2 scripts, we will read only the first 2 submissions and will not read new drafts or revisions.

• Writers are encouraged to submit scripts that are feasible for the timescale and budget available.

• Though a script may have elements attached (director, producer, cast), we are initially only interested in the script and therefore will only discuss further elements if a project is short-listed for development.

• Scriptwriters do not need to have any previous film credits nor does this have to be their first short. We are interested in working with new and emerging talent, from first-time writers to experienced artists and creatives crossing over to narrative filmmaking.

• Collabor8te will not consider ideas for documentaries.

• Collabor8te will not co-finance any project.

• Collabor8te will only consider submissions from residents of the UK and Ireland.


12 successful candidates will be contacted via email on w/c 21st January 2013. Each candidate will be expected to attend one, daylong development workshop at Rankin Film Productions, London, w/c 4th February. This will be followed by a series of remote one to one meetings in February and March 2013. After this development period up to 8 scripts will be selected for production.


All films will be shot and completed in 2013. Each film will have a carefully selected production team that will include a mixture of new and established talent, recommended by RFP and The Bureau. The scriptwriter will work closely with the director, communally elected by the Collabor8te team and scriptwriter. Writer-directors will be considered where they can display an ability to direct the project. In these instances a directing showreel will be required.

Directors and producers interested in being considered for a Collabor8te project will be invited to contact RFP during the script development period (January-March 2013).

via Collabor8te.


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