Huntly Writers: National Poetry Day 2012

October 3, 2012

Once again, Huntly Writers and the Brander Library team up to bring you a National Poetry Day event with a difference. Two guest poets will perform, and there will be opportunities for you to read your own favourite poem if you wish.

John Mackie and Haworth Hodgkinson are two poets whose work takes them way beyond the printed page. Both experienced collaborators with performers from many disciplines, they understand that poetry can be enhanced when it is combined sensitively with music, dance and visual images.

Each poet has this year launched a new collection from Malfranteaux Concepts, now established as Aberdeen’s leading poetry publisher, and at this event they will perform selections from the books in musical contexts.

John Mackie’s Pearl Diving by Moonlight will be accompanied by guest musicians, sometimes improvising in response to the words, at other times providing the backdrop for which John will find appropriate words.

Haworth Hodgkinson’s Tractor Bastard, a sequence of twenty poems beginning in geological time, taking a tour of the seasons in Northern Scotland, then departing in cosmological time, is accompanied by his own specially composed music played on a range of wind and percussion instruments.

Read Mark Pithie’s review of John Mackie and Haworth Hodgkinson performing at the Lastbus Works Canteen, New Pitsligo, during this year’s New Words festival.

Poet’s websites

John Mackie:

Haworth Hodgkinson:

via Huntly Writers: National Poetry Day 2012.


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