Crannach Bakery – Bake your own bread

October 2, 2012

If you love our bread, and would like to eat it every day, then for less than the price of an electric breadmaker we can teach you how to make your own. We’ll show you how simple bread making can be, how it needn’t take up lots of your time, and how totally therapeutic it is.

Crannach bread making courses

Our day-long courses are led by our resident bread guru Doug Cookson. Join us and you will be part of a small group (minimum of two and maximum of four participants) at the bakery at Cambus O’May. You will be talked through all the processes for making bread (yeasted and sourdough) and sweet varieties.

The morning is a relaxed and informal session where you will make 2–3 loaves of bread, both yeasted and sourdough varieties and learn the methodology behind each process, from mixing, fermenting, shaping and proving through to the baking.

Doug will also lead a discussion about the benefits of making and eating your own bread, and a little about the history behind breadmaking, especially the last 40 years and the effects of modern industrial breadmaking (see above right).

After a light lunch of handmade bread (what else?), soup and cakes, and a chance to browse a selection of baking literature, the afternoon will be devoted to making sweet breads and buns. You will also be given an insight into the different types of flours used at the bakery and the milling processes used.

via Crannach Bakery – Bake your own bread.


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