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September 24, 2012

Transport Scotland and First ScotRail launched a £1 million Scotland-wide scheme in April 2009 to make use of disused railway station buildings. The Stations Community Regeneration Fund (SCRF) flows from the decision in April 2008 to extend the ScotRail franchise contract.

The third round of funding has resulted in three applications which will now be evaluated as to suitability for SCRF funding. The fund is now open to new applications.


This scheme aims to make use of disused station buildings as either:

a business meeting passenger or community needs

a community project which contributes to the local community.

The SCRF will create conditions where passengers will benefit from improved facilities at stations, redundant buildings will be brought back into use, and new opportunities for job creation and community involvement will be opened up.

How to apply for funding

If you have an idea that would make use of a disused station building you can apply to the fund for a contribution towards set-up costs. Further information, including an application form and associated help notes are available from the ScotRail website.

What is the fund for?

The fund can be used in two ways:

to carry out structural repairs to buildings not covered under the Network Rail / Train Operating Company lease agreement

to meet up to 50% of fit-out costs of the building for its intended use.

Is there a funding cap?

The total budget for the Fund is capped at £1 million, but there is no upper limit for individual schemes. The scheme would not expect to be used for proposals which require less than £5k. Any application seeking funding of £75k or more must be supported by a feasibility study which will be assessed for its strengths and weaknesses but which will not be included in the evaluation process. Approval of requests for funding on this scale will be put to Scottish Ministers for a final decision.

Assessment Criteria

Applications will be assessed against specific criteria which have been informed by responses to our recent consultation. Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

Proposal details – ensuring a fit between the proposed project and the building

Local fit – giving assurance the proposal works in partnership with or complements other local organisations

Market – showing that an evidence base exists and there is a need or market for the proposal

Outcome – targets and benefits expected as a result of the proposal.

Who to Contact

ScotRail will manage and administer the scheme and should be contacted in the first instance. You can contact ScotRail by email at or by contacting 0845 601 5929. A paper version of the application form is also available on request from ScotRail.

via Stations Community Regeneration Fund | Transport Scotland.


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