Peacock Visual Arts – what’s on sept / oct

September 21, 2012

What’s On // September + October 2012
DOUBLE EXHIBITION OPENING // Friday 21 September | 6 – 8pm | all welcome!
OilScapes // Various Artists

Exhibition runs 22nd September – 27th October 2012

OilScapes explores connections between oil, geopolitics and visual culture with particular emphasis on human mobility and the natural environment. Works by Zeigam Azizov, Peter Fend, Owen Logan, Melik Ohanian, Aga Ousseinov and Janet Stewart.

Artist’s Talk Saturday 22 Sep, 4pm. ‘Arab Springs, Persian Sinks’ by Peter Fend

Fend intended to present After Oil to explain how a transition from fossil to biological energy production could transform the Gulf/Capsian region. Instead, the recent collapse of US credibility throughout Arabia and Persia sparked by the death of the US Ambassador to Libya, means Fend will now explain why such action has been made difficult but is more urgent than ever.

Owen Logan (artist), Professor Andew Hurst (Shell Chair in Production Geology) and Professor John Paterson (Oil and Gas Law) from the University of Aberdeen will respond to Peter’s talk ahead of general dicussion with the audience.

OilScapes/Film : Sunday 23 September, 6pm. Josh Fox’s Gasland (2010), Belmont Picturehouse.

To see the full OilScapes programme, click here.

With kind sponsorship from anCnoc

Big Jesse // Donald Urquhart

Exhibition runs 22 September – 27 October 2012

Drag queen turned draughtsman, Donald Urquhart presents Big Jessie, a selection of bold new works printed at Peacock Visual Arts.

Works include The Scottish Alphabet, a screenprint portraying Urquhart’s homeland in twenty-six alphabetically ordered images counting Lulu, the Krankies and Molly Weir as his own quirky choice of Scottish icons.

Sat 27 & Sun 28 October | 10 – 4.30pm | £130/95 conc.

Explore the creative possibilities of this colourful, graphic and immediate approach to making repeat prints. No experience required – just a few images and a bit of creativity.

Sat 27 & Sun 28 October| 10 – 4.30pm | £130/95 conc.

Sign up for the opportunity to learn the techniques and processes that are involved in the traditional art of etching. No experience required. 


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