Innovation Vouchers

September 11, 2012

Innovation Vouchers

An Innovation Voucher provides funding so that your business can work with an external expert for the first time, gaining new knowledge to help your business innovate, develop and grow.

Key information

Available if you are a start-up, micro, small and medium-sized business (as defined by the EC) located anywhere in the UK

Your idea should be applicable to one of the priority sectors: Agrifood, Built Environment and Space

Up to £5,000 for your business to obtain the help of an external expert to develop ideas and improve performance (up to £8k for Space)

Issued every 3 months by a draw from eligible entries

The Technology Strategy Board’s national Innovation Voucher scheme enables your business to obtain help from a range of expert suppliers – universities, further education colleges, research & technology organisations, technical consultancies and Catapult centres, design advisers and intellectual property advisers.

Further information, including full guidance for applicants, will be available here when the scheme opens on 24th September.

How to apply

The application process is online. You can apply any time, with around 100 vouchers being issued once every three months (with around 400 being issued in the first round opening in September 2012).

Applications for Innovation Vouchers will be entered into a draw every three months. You will be informed if you have been successful or unsuccessful. If you are unsuccessful in receiving an Innovation Voucher you can try again. You can only have one live application at a time.

Batch allocation dates

The allocation dates for Innovation Vouchers are:

24th October 2012

23rd January 2013

10th April 2013

24th July 2013

23rd October 2013

What kinds of ideas can be funded?

We are interested in any innovative approach to the specific challenge you identify. We can support all types of innovation – for example ideas for new or improved products, processes and services, using design to improve your ideas or managing your intellectual property. The key issue you need to be clear on is that this should represent a real challenge for your business, not just a small improvement or change to what you currently do.

Innovation Vouchers are there to help you obtain expert advice from a type of knowledge provider you haven’t worked with before, not to help you buy equipment or training for your business.

Are there other voucher schemes?

The Technology Strategy Board has brought together a list of other Innovation Voucher schemes currently available in the UK. Before making an application you should look to see which scheme best meets your needs. This will be live on an Innovation Vouchers Portal reached via these web pages once the scheme opens in September.

via Technology Strategy Board | Competitions | Innovation Vouchers.


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